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Visitors can of course surf and read this site now. Many chapters are added and many are coming up regularly . But many we shuffle-n-shift.

However , this website & mission is in makings so please bear with us. There are regular  updates  ( Edition-n-Editing )  going on this site. It can take a year or even more. Or  the writings  can take less then three month to be on this site. Meanwhile, everything depends on the mercy of you who are our  donors.


Our website hadn’t be possible without free support of  TRIPOD.COM. The author heartly thank them and give Godly tribute. Must Almighty Universal GOD  bless to grow TRIPOD more and more to their desired-n-deserving heights. Such sites are real GODS to bring human to human and world together alive. We desire to use not their free but  paid platform -if at all  you DONORS make it possible.


Meanwhile on this website & mission our honorable genius  readers  and donors are invited  to take a glance-n-glimpses on this site considering all just as a trailer. Do not just peep but roam freely on this site . we charge nothing to you to enter here any door.


Every ‘Sacred Spiritual Scribbles are just FREE and mere a peak of  an ice berg. The author have many novel materials  to offer his readers and the entire world which nobody must have come across yet.


Please donate if your good self want to see this mission  alive , energetic else  happening. And if you want  the writings to get complete much before the coming year. Kindly donate us fast. Even your good self would empathy -The author alone is not capable to run pillar to post.


Presently, everything here is uncensored  and authentic. And the templates those are meantime empty here would be soon filled one after another- We certainly apologize for inconveniencies. This is happening only because lack of proper funds  and the author here is a one man army who is gearing up all alone to face the world with his mysterious show. You’ll are invited  not only to glance but  every body of you do  of you genius and generous  please come and  join  our stage not only this show.


This is a poor and week site but never judge such site  by skin or  glamour  beauty. Perhaps the message enfolded here may  measure-n-weight by wise brains  significant for  historians, religion and scientist sane . Luck &Treasure maps are found in old worn- torn  mysterious chits safe  those are sometime hidden in gypsy’s cave.


If you are ready enter our cave


This is the Next Generation – New Age Spiritualism.


WELCOME . This is me and my site,

I’m Naresh Sonee – ‘Sohum Sutra’, author of this website.

This is also a ‘one stop’ for all religious or rational - divide- 

Unneeded to confirm you all are great genius, right-n-bright,

So meanwhile my wish is to offer you  a “Sacred Scientific Spiritual Site’ 

One in the world of  it’s kind,

But before I disclose something about my ‘mysterious spiritualism’

My dream is I  wish  and invite ‘Every Religion to Unite’.

One should stop ‘hatred-n-terror’  that compels religions to compete and  fight,

The more you love your own religion , the more you hate the other religion,

However, It’s a psychological pressures of own religion which arrest self vision.


How ? Why ? Ofourse this site will prove without shy .




Meanwhile this site is on development phase, So it frequently  revise, Visitors and readers are requested to kindly cooperate. Because meanwhile the author is one man to operate.This site will take a year time for it’s making so kindly wait. The try of the author is to make a mission which have nor personal but universal mission. Till it perfectly  grow- You can read my ‘Spiritual Scribbles’ those stay uncensored. All yet  kept  unedited . The site offer you  a novel  site seeing trailers as to  what Universal – ‘One Human Religion’ or ‘Global Spiritualism’ would look like. However  me as this site  author is in the process  solo-n-soul ly  meditating -n-dedicating devotionally on a purpose which is to ‘Unite the World’ spiritually. Please come forward , support  and joint me. Meanwhile I’m an ‘one man army’ I have only one weapon –that is pen. To expose ‘Universal Spiritualism’ – ‘Human Spiritualism’ -  ‘Global Spiritualism’ Or say ‘Human Brainism’ is my aim.



The site  publication date is on  October 31, 2006. 12 am (after night). However, my appeal is

You can become the ‘First 100 Golden Readers To Donate’ on this site no matter what minimal amount your honorable self decide to donate here  . However  ‘First 100 Golden Donors’ would be honored and their  name will permanently appear and reflect on this site or any new updated sites of us  if happens to come . We will certainly pay a life time tribute to all ‘First Early Hundreds Donors’ by keeping their name on this site board permanently . No matter  how least you donate . Of course -Your names on this site would prevail everlastingly as the ‘100 Pillar-Promoter among the over all world population. We strongly believe the up coming history would recognize you and honor you as the first 100 revolutionist instrumental to support ‘One Human Religion’ – ‘ One Universal Spiritualism’ of the world which this  author  of the site  initiated as his spiritual wish.  


You  alone can also  retain your  names as ‘Messiah Donor of the Month /Year ’ – As because you become our Honorable Mission Savior . Your Name and Photo or /advt remain on our home page for a month or also a year . You can  also retain your position every month or year on our main home page, as the Highest  Donor of previous month or year where your name would be honored by us for a month or even a year . For  informative detail please navigate and press site  buttons on left ‘ Messiahs of the Month / Year.  Well repeatedly-n-regularly  you can retain this position every coming precious month or year by donating us the highest  amounts. Readers or donors should empathize with the writer stakes as it’s next to impossible  to breath without wise and generous donors funds.


On this  one of its kind  site, we donate  ‘Spiritual Knowledge’   absolutely free for you all . However  we only request you here  to pay or swap only if our missionary or message interest to influence you , if you like the material on our site pay us or just leave but certainly you are welcome again for the free spiritual material we donate.


Otherwise as we have said your honorable self  can leave this  site at your ease. You are most welcome here again. And moreover can visit any next time and read the author’s work, without paying writer’s fees.

But you see - Only your donation can grow this seed of ‘Universal Spiritualism’ which was secretly

pregnant  and growing in author’s  womb (books), scriptures of verses  those were forbidden since many decades in India . But dared to  take  a lively universal birth on October 31, 2006 at 12.00 am –day- A Global Spiritualists Day.


Visitors or Readers are requested not to hurry  and never read me in between lines please . Otherwise you will miss many significant  messages of ‘real spiritualism’. There are many roller coaster rides  here so I have yet not filled many pages here. As  hurry will lead you no where. If you want to realize ‘True God’ without bones or stone skin. Go to these crash courses of spiritual scribbles first. I will take you to the journey which your messiah under went . Many global   messiahs  never had stone or human skinned God above them.  And if you are in hurry or stress keep some other time. Visit me later because only patience-n-peace will slowly accelerate and elevate you to the peak of direct ‘Universal Spiritualism’

So if you  really  want to  understand  the real ‘Art of Universal Spiritualism  or  ‘Universal Meditation’  don’t directly jump on higher classes. I promise I will not take time as religions take to make you understand or realize God. I’m well confident once you  or the brilliant world listen me  in full- You or  even your grandchildren will forget  to sin under the carpet of  religion. So once anybody read me fully no matter who s/he is ? How powerful s/he is ? S/he will forget to sin.


So giving a free try  on my website tour  – There is nothing  you  loose – I offer every thing on this site transparent and pure .


Though this site is working with a mission to ‘Unite Every Religion Under One Sky’  And if you  are ‘ religious  genius’ of any private cult  or if  any matter written here raises  your blood pressure or hurt your  religious sentiments which we are not at all  intending to do , But if you feel so we request to immediately leave this site now. This site is a ‘Universal Spiritual Site’ which has no religious color.  Certainly We invite all cool understanding and progressive mind here whose aim is to unite the world.



Well, meanwhile I have a terrible self notion that force,

To expose my ‘Universal Spiritual’ theory-n-thesis at source.


I strongly feel this will  benefit  the entire global  mass at large,

I invite you to read my stakes .  It’s just an humble spiritual urge,


I’ll offer you entirely a new form of  ‘Human Spiritualism’

Which obviously stand opposite to all form of religionism,


My ways of spiritualism, No body of  you  must have read before  from any source ,

You can continue or leave these  site  at once –To read me there  is no force,


But you see It will not only  help you to realize God reading my offered course,

But you would also over come many  difficulties-this free site will become  ray of torch,


Except ‘Time’ - Nothing  here you have to loose,

If  I fail to convince but surely I will not confuse,             


Your hurdles, tensions, stress, grief , pain, disease , trauma , sorrow,

You might be ‘rich in race’, perhaps  ‘cult-n-class’- But who saw tomorrow?


Very first  my ‘Free’ Site  of New Age , A way of meditation suggest ‘human’ to sum,

Just try my method of meditation and then if you are pleased adopt-n-abide to ‘ONE’

I’m offering a natural or rational way of ‘Logical-n-Ethical Spiritualism’

‘Natural Spiritualism’ – ‘Human Spiritualism’ - ‘Universal Rationalism’,

At first level my spiritualism will mend you to way, obey ‘God of Universalism’,

And later your family, your friend, your world  will benefit from your -

‘Spiritual Brainism’


Above Quotes scribbled -October 27 , 2006 ( Scribbled in between 1.00 pm – 1.20 pm ) 




Kindly Note:

On this website all knowledge on UNIVERSAL SPIRITUALISM is Absolutely Free’


So if you are  hungry to …?


Understand & know – Real-Sense of  Spiritualism ?


Understand & know –  Real Universal Logical God ?

Read , follow or  realize my way of spiritualism,

See and check your self- Is this  a ‘Real Enlightenism’ ?


Can you perceive-n-realize ‘Universal Enlightenism’? 

Staying inside your private walls of religionism?

Even if you stay outside your walls of‘ private religionism’?

Can you still conquer ‘ Universal Spiritualism ?

Without  practicing traditional myths, feasts, festivals, superstitions ?

Can you realize Gods ?

Without surrendering to tribal customs, costumes, colors, codes of odds ?


If religion can only provide ‘Real Enlightenment’-‘Real Spiritualism’.

Why many earth born God, deserted from their parental religionism?

What was the actual need of them to come out with-‘One More ‘Private  Religionism’?

Were the Messiahs  not satisfied by old parental religion ?

Did they deserted their previous religions because they were not convinced

by their parental out dated religions ?

Which God did the parents of your God (Messiah-or-Prophet) worshiped ?

Then after already having their  previous ‘Parental  God’  why did many of the

M ost popular Globally acknowledged Messiahs-N- Prophets  deserted ?

What was the need to form a new religion ?

Why did some of them refused  to follow their own parental religion ?

So If they were allowed to follow-n-make their own religion –Why shouldn’t we ?

After all worshiping a ‘Universal God’  is no religion  property .

It comes along  with our  birth package absolutely free.

God is in me free  – God is in You free  – Why we need nursery classes of religion ?

When we had already decided to adhere-n-abide to ‘Universal Ethical Vision.




If you still are curious to know Just keep on reading…









Ask your self ….

Does caging your Gods inside cemented walls  ‘Absolute Spiritualism  Solutions’ ?


Does pampering, promoting getting instrumental in high-fly shouting propagandas of personal Gods certify you as a highly spiritual human of this universe thus guarantying you with a license that you are very close to your private God ?


Do ‘Universal or Private  God’ love to get ‘sold’  by – ‘Self Certified Religious Professionalists’ ?

Should  religious hawkers move on filling their family treasures and coffins  by selling ‘private religious remedies’ ? 



Right now if your good self  wants to understand –

What is the difference between ‘Stubborn Spiritualism’  &  ‘Universal Spiritualism’  or ‘Secular Spiritualism’ ?

Just please continue reading… Everything here is absolutely  FREE…


Yes meanwhile , Don’t miss to read many valuable or mysterious ‘Spiritual Scribbles’  on this website  which you had  never read before in your Sacred Scriptures or never  heard in any personal religious discourses. Meanwhile as site is in it initial stage of making you may find only few spiritual scribbles on navigator.


All  ‘Sacred or Spiritual  Verses’ here may be worth full for some and worthless for many.

I can be totally a ‘sense less’ poet for many but ‘sense full’ perhaps not for  many.

Meanwhile I request you as my reader – if you too love to remain  foolish like me. You are welcome to  can continue….. And if you  are ‘ religious  genius’ of any private brilliant  cult and  if this site raise your blood pressure or religious sentiments . We apologies  you may urgently   leave this site. But better if you stay . We invite all cool and progressive mind.


I would like any Honorable Holy Religious Saints-n-Seers to question me on ‘Godly Spiritualism’ or ‘Enlightments’ or ‘ Meditations’ which I will instantly compose and answer within  few minutes in my ‘Spiritual Sense of  Holy Rhymes’ . I can write-n-write non stop rhymes - ‘Spiritual Verses’ for hours  not at all  pirated or parroted ( mugged ) from any ‘Holy Sacred Scriptures’ of the World. However my spiritual themes, rhymes or  verses that I would  come out with, are instantly written as  scribbles,  every time  fresh , novel and new-meanwhile free for all.  Genius  people should decide if they are absolutely vague and ‘worthless’  or  spell some wise words of ‘worth’.


All Honorable Holy Saints-n-Seer of the world are invited to try and write  with me in poetry as I do on un religious un mugged spiritualism . For this I need no religion to sit on me and preach me. Religion can teach you to obey as primary kids.  For meeting my God I don’t need any religion to curb me and  clip, For erasing my sins I don’t need any holy water to  dip. No body can clip wings of my God and me. Me and my God fly high without ring master’s ‘ring’ (bells).


As  I have  said  no religion can preach me , No religious hawkers  can influence and bleach me. I had freed My ‘Universal God’  from the walls  of religions. My God was  fed up of changing religion after religions. Time-n-again every messenger descended HIM and took Him into a new religion for a ride.  He was forcefully made to take  birth in many new religion formed inpast 5000 years. Every religion descended from a parent religion. So many religion , so many customs, My mother is tired posing a earth. Religions are made to follow tradition  or terror? Or are religions  made to supply ghost to horror? I believe  in no Ghost but God .  My God is a biggest  ghost  ‘An Almighty’  rest of all. No ghost can fear me or my God. As my God-n-Ghost is ‘ONE’  and all. The day I released my God from my traditional rigid  religion. I was liberated  and relaxed. I really felt moksha and nirvana on the day I left my religion. My God is also liberated .  He  is happy and feel secure and secular now to fly with me any where without spiky breath taking fences of religion . My God and me - We both fly where ever we feel free logically and ethically. , Message of me and My God is ‘live-n-let live’ all with livelihood-n-lovelihood. Lead or face life as it come no matter what serious the situation is --Adhere to ‘truth-n-good’.

My God and me now want to work  universally – Appealing every religion to unite and become one ‘Universal religion’ .  A shrine where sit-n-mingle all GODS.






What is ‘Real Spiritualism’ ? Who is the real God above all earth born Gods? And what is ‘Time’ & ‘Space’ & Universe & God ? However this site will succeed to satisfy all your query-n-curiosity which human   were hungry to know since they took birth . Probably even you by all means wanted to know but still  your good self as a seeker yet was not made to understand or perhaps still  has not  at all  understood or got convinced  religiously or rationally. May be your God knows, but your religion doesn’t know.


Intentionally or ignorantly, knowingly  or un  knowingly religions pay no heed to the fact that when a bird has ambition to fly why shouldn’t God have this right too? Why He should be caged in cemented walls or re written from worn torn obsolete  breathless scriptures ? In this new age people are smart enough to understand . To avoid sacred scriptures (religion) go in ‘coma’. Religions  have time-n-again put them on ‘mythological and superstitions’-‘feast-n-festivals’ ventilators.  


But the truth is - Will you like to have a old band radio, black-n-white TV, old heavy weighty bakelite phone, old morris car  etc ?   For museum or amusement or history records it’s ok. But should everything be allowed to  be carried forward under the pretext of  tradition. But don’t you feel – Even old Gods are struggling to update. If you human beings or beings reserve your  birth right to update yourself and enjoy freedom , Why shouldn’t God in the walls need too. Is He worse than a human or animal.  However I have my own  reasons –While as- You need to update, so does every God.

Vice versa you can say God has updated and liberated  us so selflessly. Why we too shouldn’t now show our courtesy or duty to liberate him too from confined walls.


Since time, immortal infinite people in this world die without knowing or acknowledging-  Who was their  ‘Real Father’?( Universal GOD). Every religious child knows his/her mother , uncle, step father.  But alas or at last - Will all  kind pious  mothers stand up finally once for all and tell their  children (followers) who is their real- actual- origina-genuine   FATHER ? Well now after thousands of years,  children are grown up. They have experienced many things from oil lamps to electric lights, from carts to cars, shipboat to submarine,  from bow-arrow to bombs-aero (missile), from playing lido to computer games, form pigeon message to email-sms message.


Will  old-n-ancient  messengers once  if allowed again would rather love to take birth in that ‘lamp era’ of ‘enlightenments’  or this lighted era of  ‘delightments’ which today’s saints-n-seers are enjoying only by wearing or posing in old dress codes ? Why should not these rigid religious care takers  travel back to their genuine obsolete times using not only dress codes but also other old  amenities or remedies of that age? Why they only want to carry them restricted to  old dress tags-n-flags which certify and  exhibit them as saints? Doesn’t a  genius think – Either they(saint)  should completely update or should never update at all. They should travel in old animal carts, not in planes and lavish cars, Old pigeons to post  messages, without taking help of pc ,cell , phones, sms. Let them give discourses in ancient  styles without using loudspeaker and mikes, cd and media mass to heap-n-hike.


Are such doctors claimed as experts who call their patients  daily asking them to give permanent attendance into  their clinics or hospital  where a patient ends up  in  paying exuberant medicines and operation bills and finally remain cureless?


Are such doctors true and sincere who care , cure-n-save their  patient (devotees ) freely or philanthropically at one or two come and go, giving them, curing them with  medicines or operating them once for all (freely) or hardly on  negligible cost?


Yes you have to pay here absolutely nothing. This site is a FREE SPIRITUAL SITE which will certainly help and make you grow to extreme peak of cosmic heights. This site is ‘First’  of it’s  type in this world - A high end ‘Secular Spiritual Site’ – ‘A Universal Spiritual Site’ – ‘ A Human Spiritual Site’  where no idols or ideology of  Old Gold Good  Gods are  professionally mixed or expensively persuaded ,  pampered and sold , offering along with old mythological  mugged scripture or superstitious text . In present era even an ox is spared to get away pulled along with a caravan cart of orthodox . Then why should  followers herd?


Well, We offer you here no oil lamps to enlight or delight  you . But we give you bright  power full  ‘enlighten halogen lamps’ which innocent Gods of earth in their stone age era  missed and were not updated with. We will elevate you without selling mythology or superstitions or rigid mechanism to understand this ‘Universal God’. We sense fully, logically moreover  ethically would take you directly to the ORIGINAL GOD OF UNIVERSE not only into a transcend modes but transparent codes. We would decode The real God once for all - one by one. And once we teach you to drive your self to GOD. We guarantee - You will never  need us permanently as your agent or a pilot to take you over to GOD. Once we expose HIM . You are as free and Godly as Jesus or Ram, Mahaveer , Mohmed , Buddha , Nanak or Gun Shyam ( Krishna )

Yes first let your  wings grow . Remove all clips. We will nurture you here to grow your wings so that you could fly high with our Universal God. Cutting your wings and prisoning or poisoning  you  is not our aim. We want to spread love. No hatred . We want to unite the world.


But  Only meanwhile our concern  is-  How to keep  our – ‘Universal Spirituals Mission  Alive? As this can become or restricted to be the next forbidden  society in this world. Only like minds New Age thoughts having a zeal to liberate my God Soul from the clutches of religion can save me or my God. Yes brilliant brains have power of pens those are far mightier than guns. All Genius should come forward join my mission to liberate our ‘God of Universe’ . Wisdom of the world can summon every religion and suggest them to release our  God and of course our God  from their prison should be liberated first before we liberate our souls by nirvana, moksha, enlightenment. Let us remove our God who is sole property of ‘Your and mine’ , We have full right to liberate our GOD . And of course our God too enjoys birth right to get freedom. So that He and us together   fly-n-flight  free without any cult ,class or creed. Let we and our God openly breath-n- breed with  true clear and colorless mind not colored as  rigid religions, let us and our God get rid of every religion.


I am confident that my God is color less,  transparent , clean and happening  ‘true’ – ‘realistic’ why paint him in delusions of different tribal or ancient religions?   I’m looking forward for donors who can save my personal written  scriptures in thousands of pages for man kind or next generation and humbly appeal to them to save my God from rigid religious clutches.  If not in this generation but certainly in next generation every religion will have to release my God. The seed of my mission I had sowed by  this website in this world. And now you as the readers and donors have the power to water this seed and let it grow in  tree with many branches without considering me a head or main centre branch . I’m not into makings or floating one more  religious to harass-n-torture  man kind . Neither I  want to convert this site as one another  religious  professionalist. May this tree take time to grow in next  100 years or so .

But ‘Universal Spiritualists’ should  see that it grow not day after day but after  every breath. Even if I leave the world after  another breath. Some one of you come forward to breed this Universal God. One Relgion in all – A religion which has a name ‘Humanism’ Forward my site to your friend. Debate on my stakes.

Finally I know you are genius but try to prove me wrong. If any of you  feel I ‘m a desperate  breed . Please forgive me as insane  ‘nut’. This world is for all just be generous and amicably stay along.


If I live the next breath - I will live  only to write.( for my and your  Universal God ) My only request is readers who agree me  should take out my God from religious walls ,  amicably without harm-n-fight. My God should have a free flight. Don’t go and discuss debate with your religion , debate with your debate with your children , Debate with scientists, debate with saints.

Prove my stake wrong.



Good religions are just like old grand parents. Bow them , care them, love them with heart. Because loving Grand Parents are to adore not to debate at all. There can be an understanding gaps between you and your grand parents. This is called as generation gap. Don’t annoy any religion. They are just like our grand parents. If your  ‘marriage certificate’ or ‘religious certificate’ make your seniors happy . Make them happy don’t fight.


‘True Love’  need  no certificate. Regardless you do with your parents, children , family or beloved friend or companion. Why should not this   apply to God ? You need no religious certificate  or permission to meet or leave God. There is no security no gate , no door where God reside. God is everywhere breathing immortally bright. Omnipotent.  Only you have to do extract all ethical wisdom of goods from your religion and rest  if they offer  superstitions and myths  refuse them that’s all. Take goods of every religion, Refuse bad of any religion. Ask Universal God in You . He will care to give you the right visions of reason. 


Had ever you misjudged  poor Jesus, Sai Baba, Kabir , Gandhi voice or stakes  if at all they weren’t rich like today’s  global lavish lively rich  saints  and monks ? Saints and Monks of today totally rely on parroting-n-pirating (mugging)  their sacred scriptures and repeating them time-n-again in discourses reciting hymning from  old ancient texts of cults. The care takers are least bother to pay heed that the outdated mechanisms and methods to call Old God Who all must be certainly tired in old customs-n-costumes and rigid religious codes . Doesn’t your reason think Gods too are desperate  to come out from their ‘still-motionless pose’ and are eager  to update with times of science. They too want to  enjoy lavish luxury of today Monks & Pope. But we devotees are compelling them to stay restricted in our made walls and holes . Poor helpless ‘still’ gods had lost  their hopes. At least one devotee should understand  Gods mind.  Gods are tired in sitting or hanging in one pose. They to want to enjoy this lively world , Like all of us  of course. Their nose have choked  up of inhaling  incense polluted smokes. Their ear drums had become deaf or  are  humming with noise of hymns-n-sings of bells. My Gods want me to liberate them  from such choked hells. My God need no fruits-n-food . Eating , Eating so much He is already full .  He will be more happy if you don’t force him  and  give all such  offerings to poor.


Meanwhile,  Should these religious care takers  come out with something new and updated  for the up coming next generation or new age who want to upgrade  their Gods with today times? At time when every religious saints have updated themselves with all modern luxury amenities , gadgets and gizmos Why then , they are only restricting themselves to pose in ancient or tribal codes but are eagerly ready to utilize all various comforts with all added features of scientific modes. If a religion still shout to restrict their community to follow old customs and need to terrorize the world to follow their ancient culture . They should rather also restrict themselves to fight with sword and bows not at all guns-missile-n-bombs and leave all luxury of modern days.


Is no one  there to dare and  update these old poor God who are in prison since thousands years  in airless walls. They are not even allowed to walk till their door. With decency or requirements of time can’t my beloved Gods get updated ? Is any body there to remove my Gods and make them fly free without boundaries allowing them to sit on any tree.  Will  no one come forward to free my GOD from clutches and cufflinks of religion. As you need freedom . So do my God do . I desperately need to update my forbidden God justifying with the trends of time. Why wisdom of every religion rigidly still love to sell in old out dated dress and costumes? God had blessed us to update with time , Should not we  all  help Gods also  to  update with trends of time? Is not that Gods’ birth right.


Why  ‘universal wisdom’  want to surrender under myths of superstitions ? Why my innocent move less, motion less ,  ‘Still God’  of stone and metal  is still caged-n-fenced  like a golden innocent parrot who is only restricted to speak through a interpreter reading his messages form paper scriptures upgrading  their versions time-n-again.  My God is saying now it’s enough . Set me free. You have caged me in old walls of discourses in pretext of personal gains since thousand of years. If democracy of right  equally prevails , My God says-  Even He need to be set free ( liberated ) . My God want Moksha, My God want Nirvana.  


My God need to  break his silence  come out from His cemented walls and desperately need to  fly ceaselessly , boundlessly  without  boundaries  any where in spaceless , timeless sky. My God is  tired of sitting in one place mute only to listen,  listen, listen personal complaints in a pretext of selfish pampering and promoting , bribing him  religiously for self or religious  gains. My God ear drums are gone dumb-n-hums  in so much shouting and terror of belling him every now and then. People are worrying my God . He has not slept since time immortal . He want peaceful sleep at least for a day.  He is really tired and experiencing coma stage where he can’t even move to shake His  limb or lashes a  bit.

Let us decide a single day on earth  when we all will not at all bother HIM. Let us appeal  ‘All Religious Summit’ , All Heads of  UN Councils , All  Brains of  Governments of the World to announce a ‘world holiday’  . We would name it as ‘God Day’. When no one will bother my God. Your God , When no one will do fraud for at least and keep mum (peace)  for a day.


But for a while  forget every thing and concentrate on something NOVEL ,

Revealing- Which I am now going to disclose  you in many of my ‘Spiritual Scribbles’ updating editions .


So are you ready to take your self on a journey as my  first free introduction on a way which will  link you  into my direct  world of -  'Universal Spiritualism' 

Know THEM without any religious agent.

They are  Allah-Ishwar-God . Know these SUPREME

From their own Son – Naresh Sonee – ‘ Sohum Sutra’



Come along with me or just patiently follow me or if you are feeling too tired or momentary  bore . Come on this site next time . This is a free Spiritual Shore.


On this shore prior to understand ‘Universal Spiritualism’ , You need to get religiously  un dressed first . Then we make your brain go completely nude so that your blank  brain which become  empty without  data go senseless . Before we suggest our mediation – We do not want you to see, hear, feel a drop of outside air, light or  rain. Before awakening your  brain  we offer you our experienced spiritual splashes of recreations. You can call it ‘ Spiritual Scribbles’ or Spiritual Struggles’ These are my methods , my own found  ways   to offer you  sauna-n-stream ‘Spiritual Baths’. The actual meditation of  learning art of  ‘Universal Spiritualism’ is of course free but that would follow after  you read all ‘Spiritual Scribbles’ So we do not want you to rush.



Any time , If you are ready take your mouse above to left, pause read and press  ‘Spiritual Scribbles One’

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If it successes to stay alive

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