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Riddle of TIME

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Riddle of TIME
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‘Riddle of Time’

A Merciless God Above All Global Gods

Part 1

(A small roller costar ride toward a self  knocked spiritualism)


By Naresh Sonee  ‘Sohum Sutra’


‘Time’ to which  human gave a  name ‘Samay’ - ‘Waqt’ - ‘Kaal’  is still  measured  by calculating movements of sun, moon , planets  on  horological or astronomers devices ,date charts etc. Human distribute and measures ‘Time’ in era, years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds  but does it has more value then above all these ? Find out yourself.


According to my belief- I came out with a Hindi  poem  in 1975  ‘ Waqt’ and again with a ‘Yearly Calendar in 1993 ’ exposing my  below message in breif on ‘TIME’ . I have saved and sustained this old calendar still with me.  The message on it was  -


Time Creates – Time Destroys

The power of universe

The power that controls it

Is the power of Time.

Always NEW and more powerful than before.

Watch the TIME’s - ‘new-n-novel’ creation.

And equally parallel merciless destruction.


If  my above  quotes  do not convince you. Here is my next message or question for you all -


Time created God? Or God created Time?

Is Time God? Or God is Time?


Myself invites  all seers-n-scientists, poets-n-philosophers  to analyze-n-prove, reveal-n-expose,  suspense-n- mystery, logic-n-philosophy, fact-n-fiction of Past-Present-Future where-n-while  Time stayed as  witness ‘ before and after all’.


The Super Natural Divine Power of Time which you can call as  The Absolute  Destiny – All and ever Almighty command of Time, Which balances the law of Universe? Nature? Life? Religion? Happenings? Moreover every aspect those are beyond human imaginations?


My next question to reason is ?


Time had started when? Would end when? Who knows?


I believe - Time had and will exist before and after ‘All’

All ‘Globally Born Gods In Human Skins’ private or universal  came on different parts of  this tiny earth were currented connected, controlled and commanded by ‘One Father God’ – ‘ THE TIME GOD’ - ‘Time God’ the ‘dictator and distributor’ of each and every aspect. TIME is the Creator and Destroyer of ‘ALL’.

As the ‘Real‘God’ stay  invisible so does the  ‘Time Lord’. Time-God is the ultimate  Destiny, The Supernatural Power of TIME is indeed presumed or assumed as a

 ‘Super Natural Soul’ which actually one can call ‘ TIME or SPACE’


To  prove my theory right I will give one more example to reason –


Religious or Regional -Prophets & Messiahs believed God is a invisible SOUL cannot be  burnt, killed, drowned or cut. God  has no smell, sound , shape , limbs so impossible to see or touch . God presence could only be felt or realized by awakening of consciousness through wisdom and enlightment. Similar is the characteristics or properties of Time which you also call ‘Space’.

However  ‘Soul-Time-Space’ are ‘ONE’ and same. Call it by three names or some other. But the truth is final ‘These Three Invisible ’ are transparent, ageless , odour less, soundless , ( Soulless , Timesless, Spaceless ). They  will never   perish away. The triangle of  these trio can be called as THE ABSOLETE GOD.


‘Soul-Time-Space’ is THE  UNIVERSE  ( BRHMAND ) . The Universe is Soulless , Timesless, Spaceless , Ageless , Infinite , Invisible but the matter in it is visible eg: Many Galaxies, Black Holes, Stars, Suns, Planets, Moons, Atmosphere , Non Beings and Beings.


‘Soul-Time-Space’ is THE  UNIVERSE  ( BRHMAND ) which is the ultimate GOD will never expire , But ‘Human God’ in ‘different regional-n-religious skin will. ‘Soul-Time-Space’ are ‘ONE’ Super Natural Power. One can call in UNIVERSE – BRHMAN – The ABSOLETE GOD.


My next self sensed of  foolish reasoning is –to which you should give a thought


Earth who shyly  enjoys a small place as a sub resident among multiple planets rotating-n-revolving inside ‘one’ of  so many  galaxies of this  boundless , ageless  UNIVERSE – On this earth  – All ‘Different Gods’ came only for specific period, demonstrated , acted for human or  global gains . All ‘These Regional or Religious Gods’ possessed limited powers  to some extends or spheres , They all preached human ‘high moral’ so that the tiny earth of life may  beautifully or progressively  sustained or maintained. Probably these Gods were never interested to promote their personal religion and had no intention to hurt other equally good religions. Apparently their requirements or circumstances differed   but ‘they were’ or ‘they became’  sense full messengers of God  on this  tiny earth . Certainly ‘They’ must have proposed good or various methods for man kind uplifting but never must had compelled or thrust their religion by hook or crook.


Meanwhile, reason your self - Do  beings or non beings apart from human beings understand your private or universal God ? Why not ?



‘Delusion-n-Hallucination’  of Personal Gods.


Why God seekers or  devotees are worried about ?  -

Before-n-After Math of Previous –Present-Future Deaths-n- Births, Moksha, Nirvana, Atma Parmatma Milan, Angels-n-Ghosts, Heaven-n-Hell, Spiritualism, Enlightments

One would agree - only a human brain or human instinct which think try to understand and get  lured  to all these , but not any ‘animal instinct’. Apart from Human beings -bugs, birds beasts other  beings do not lust for such requirements. ‘Thinking’ is a blessing or  curse God knows.  Why only human face a problem to answer God ? Why not any animal ? Why a God made   poisonous or carnivorous killer germs, bugs, birds or  animals of air , water , land are not sinner ?   


‘Thinking Seeds ’ cells or nerves  in human germinated since human took birth. Though they were minimum or negligable but had grown or went on cultivating more and more till date.  These cells or  nerves of human took birth in human head   just  to ‘Think’  or you can say they are made to ‘think’  usefully or uselessly. We would not go deep into the reasons -what the human actually think is useful or useless ? but the point to emphasis here is ‘thinking’ cells or nerves due to reasons or non reasons  sometime go on cultivating dreams and  delusions and order the self body to under go actions or reactions.


As  have been said ‘Thinking’ has many  significances and  values  when they are implemented in some actions (right or wrong – creation or destruction –imagination or practical ) etc . Dreams-n-Delusions ( Hallucination ) psychosis  are part of ‘thinking’

 But the action of an individual cease when s/he die.  And once the human curious thinking ‘brain’  is burnt or buried the delusion-n- hallucinate  injected or carried forward  thoughts stay no more and your brain cells which were  in present were indeed ‘thinking’ all thoughts  just get an absolute end –totally exhaust.  And your ‘head cells’  that allow you to think, feel , see, taste, hear, sense and  smell merge-n-mingles in ashes , sand, water  and air.


So whether they stay thoughts of - imagination, dreams, delusion, hallucinated or psychosis concerned to  -Before-n-After Math of Previous –Present-Future Deaths-n- Births, Moksha, Nirvana, Atma Parmatma Milan, Angels-n-Ghosts, Heaven-n-Hell, Spiritualism, Enlightments all die with your body-n-brain those were well  trained to get influenced to cultivate such thoughts. ) for instance  Any religious God lover devotee is trained to  feel, realized , get influenced , accept (without questioning reason of suspect) to love and pray his personal God and follow religion. A religious devotee  by the way of lectures, sacred scriptures convince followers to believe what they say . This form into following  imagination or delusion out of which one can   promote  many things.


Your ‘delusion-n-hallucinated  thoughts’ after your death  stay no more with your ‘Soul’.

You ‘soul’ has a connection or current of that ‘Big Absolute Soul’ – The Trio-  This is mere a delusion ‘ Reflection’ similar as one you see or feel in a mirror. The mirror show truth but you can never hold, seal or prison that reflection so is your   ‘soul’. It is delusion – reflection – Maya – of  that  ‘Big Soul Magic’ – TIME-N-SPACE.

As a drop of water cannot call itself a sea. A battery cannot call itself a power house. So is you microscopic invisible soul. It is just a part of that BIG SOUL- BRHMAND-UNIVERSE .  True your ‘small soul’ is a small ‘Brhmand’ in  your self. But The Absolute Soul – The Brhamand  has  only given incharged  to charge your body temperory. You are not permenant , But your soul is. After leaving you it will take charge of next body may be a germ or a ….. ant or a elephant or again a human. But the entity is total different after every death . The soul that is with you now (your brain-n-body) will enter or germinate and grow into a new body (inbody). Your brain-n-body is dead , burnt or buried . There after you have no right to question inbody. From which previous birth you came , which previous birth you go , Moksha, Nirvana , Before-n-After Math, God or Ghost all delusion-hallucination-pshyosis all query or curiosity to know of feel , think or do will die with you. After death you are no body and so stop fooling your self that you are somebody. Only God is somebody. He has right to think you are no body.

You will get or you had got -Moksha, Nirvana, Before-n-After Math, God or Ghost who will certify ? Who will see ? Your body had burnt-n-buried , Your brain have no thought to see.


Soul never think. It is a (fuel energy , power)  generator of breath. As a fuel help a  car  or any machine. Electric power or battery can light a bulb or television etc so is  your ‘Soul’ does to living beings. It’s a small battery that allow you to act in the ‘Maya Jaal’ of Time God. The purpose of  ‘soul’  is to keep a ‘being’ alive to get instrumental in this Universal Maya Jaal. Once it leave any body –germ viral , bug , beast or human being the matter ends. Thoughts of God-n-Ghost vanish away. If there is a God , There is a Ghost but both are one . Human thought process – Brain Product- which human can assume as ‘Time-Space’ – Maya Jaal. ( Delusion )


Your  ‘Soul  which actually was not ‘yours’ which your ‘delusion’ only felt or presumed  was not your property so it ditches you to death. Your head-n-heart  , limbs-n-lungs, Your sex organs, your ego, your proud, your jealousy-hatred-competition-fear , anxiety , your religion, your region, your relation every emotion of your ‘brain delusion’ stay no more after death. A seer-n-scientist is no more. A religion-n-rationalist die a sudden or natural death .  


Death ditches ‘You’ suddenly , uncertainly without giving you a notice inspite of many prayers, perks, pressure which one does to bribe a  private or universal God. Your ‘Soul’ ditches enter or find a  next  ‘body’  which might be perhaps of  a  germ or a viral or a  bug  or a bird or  a beast and if you are lucky enough  once again you get a chance to suffer a human body where you can take birth as a pre deprived destitute diseased   who is pre deaf, dumb, blind , handicap  or a fortunate enough one like  Kofi Anan, Bill Gates,

Swami  Ram Dev, Mushraff , Bin Laden or one of their lucky or unlucky, able or disabled  child.


Law Abider or  Law Breaker of ‘Man Made’ or ‘God Made’ commandments . Your ‘Brain’ which face the circumstances and your poor ‘soul’ choose to remain in you as per your ‘brain’ will-n-wish,  knowingly or unknowingly , intentionally or ignorantly , willingly or unwillingly  but the ‘soul’ which has no brain to ‘Think’  stay along with ‘You’ till your death. Whether you are a deprived or diseased poor or a rich , saint or a sinner , irrespective if you are a cheater , robber, slut , police, minister,  advocate , doctor , actor , manufacturer, trader , staff, labor, king or  a pauper the ‘Soul’ stay with you.


Your ‘Soul’ have no wish, no will of  its own . You take your soul to church , rob, steel ,

cheat, You lie or speak truth your soul travel along with you. Your soul have no option to go against your brain. Till you die your ‘soul’ is your servent and stay with you helping to generate your breath to keep you alive. Your ‘Soul’ has no mechanism or self cell to ‘think’.


Finally , however if all said-n-spelled here  goes bounced forget everything and stick to self. But suggestively-  if your instinct or logic denies to worship or believe others’ religion, at least respect and allow them to prevail with a broad understandable smile. They all are human made.


Till then , All intellectual quiz explain and amuse yourselves with this foolish way of spiritualism-n-enlightment ‘Riddle of Time’. Anyway , certainly this is not at all any personal attack to any ‘religion of wisdoms’. The writer loves every sane religion who care-n-cure the innocent and way the ignorant.








‘Riddle of Time’

Part 2

However -Time God is merciless and cruel, uncertain and unpredictable. Pampering or praying ‘This’  or any other God does not mean that you would be spared from depression, deprivation , disease and death. Disaster-n-drought, Tsunami, terminators, twisters, earth quakes , explosions , volcanoes  cyclones storms and floods are all in your ‘Mercy full God’s mandatory programming’. to what you  perceive as natural calamities .


Dinosaurs of yesteryears extinguished but crocodile are still there. Apes remained same but human breed developed in brain (sane-n-insane)

All such things are gift or curse of ‘Time God’. This God  follows nobody and get pampered or influenced by ‘no body’. As a ‘human’ one should just concentrate on own

‘Karma’  – ‘Work’ or ‘Actions’ as your instinct feel. Do right or wrong ‘Time God’ follow you. You can’t  escape this ‘Cruel Time’ not in your bed or loo.Every pulse it stay with you.


However fortune and misfortunes stays in TIMEGOD’s mandatory programming. If you still want to understand TIMEGOD the mantra is just - ‘live-n-let live’. As God is merciless and constantly sending deaf, dumb, blurred, blind, poor or under privileged over-n-again on this tiny earth since time ‘infinite-n-unknown’ . Finally the history of past or present spells 100% of the over all world is ‘tensed-n-stressed ; deprived-n-diseased’ . Out of which you can say only ten percent of the world is privileged to enjoy fortune-finance-fame but still they can never over ride many things in life.

The above four factors of  grief along with ‘Death’ is permanent . Even seer-n-scientist have to under go all.


Since human race began rest of the world is struggling to get there in that 10% slot who seem  privileged to enjoy many perks and gifts regardless if they stay pious or perfectionist (ethical)  , sinner or selfish . This privilege class enjoy temporary phase of life but only till death. They stay no more to see their fame or defame in futurist  human the after math of their death. Lion’s crocodile, snakes, bugs, virus are made by the same ‘Time God’  to prey and survive on weak . It’s all in - Time’s The Destiny-programming.


If still a human want to struggle or understand  ‘True  Enlightment of Wisdom’, The seeker  can attain this without a ‘Guru’  or ‘Guru Mantra’. Regardless to any region or religion . Only S/he need is to sincerely  approach and indulge  self in a serious human selfless deeds with  all right  ‘instinctual-n- intuitions of ethics’. The more S/he  try to ‘care-n-cure, secure-n-safe guard the weak under privileged – misfortunate undisruptive breeds of beings with a kind selfless approach of sense. S/he is waying toward ‘enlightment of wisdom’. The rest what a human does as a religious values are just time pass.


A true crazy God seeker try his very  best to  understand ,  empathy, care and love the misfortunate harmless  breed without bartering with his  personal God for the sake of promoting private religion. S/he never  demand some privileges and grants in  prayers

 mere to swap personal gains of materialistic luck of  promotion. Neither a true seeker

compel  religion’ thrusting or luring other as a street hawker inviting them to follow his religion for  group gain or practicing or making a profession out in God’s name.


Praising exhibiting, claiming  self as ‘donor or helper’ also may not lead to ‘wisdom of enlightment’. When one serve-n-save the needy under privileged without bartering for fame-n-fortune. Regardless to one religion-n-region. True enlightment begins.




‘Riddle of Time’

Part 3


Festivals & Feasts



One should consider  Diwali as festival of happiness , Equally  enjoy Idd , Christmas , Mahaveer Jayanti, Nanak Jayanti or any other religious celebration  with the same spirit of sense without shedding blood of innocent beings or harassing other religion. Mind well celebration of festivals are for remembrance and tribute to all past. Not to harass poor or kill poor animals to feast. Every one should update self religion.

Enjoy every sane tradition or cultural programme with ecstasy, thrill  and  compliments.

Without harassing, torturing , killing beings. Abolish and update your self – from myths that killing poor animal please God.


 Pray but only to thank and celebrate or  congratulate your private God   on  such auspicious days of any religion don’t burden your personal God again with all selfish demands , complaining or pressurizing Him with your self-centered desires-n-dreams, grief-n-grievances.


Remove delusions, superstitions enter the next generation of ‘Logical Spiritualism’  if prayer and pampering God in Diwali can bring wealth and luck than no sincere hardworking farmer may attempt suicide for lack of money. Understand with reasons -Laxmi of India also loves to stay in London, America, Saudi Arabia. She don’t mind spending her time out of India with Laxmi Mittal, Bill Gates, Paris Hilton , Brad Pit regardless if one is gay or lesbian. 

Laxmi also is comfortable with Bin Laden ,  Dawood and Chotta Rajan including their shooters, drug traffickers, terror spreading persons. Laxmi   stay  with comforts along with crook may they be governing officers, staffs, ministers, advocates, doctors, robber, cheater, sluts and their agents even.  Laxmi enjoy to get locked and enjoy ‘self’ being spent anywhere  terror or skin trading  . You can buy sex, bribe , murder , cheat , rob out of  ‘Laxmi’.  Laxmi is Black  and white if   taxed. Laxmi is a global axe. It can cut and win any thing but Laxmi can’t bargain with death of ‘Time’. The ultimate ‘Kaal’.


If you are so found to understand God – You can also try to understand ‘Delusion of Goddess Saraswati’ . Though this is also a ‘delusion’ of  belief  but it’s far better to garland and hug this ‘delusion’. Saraswati is the ‘God of Truth’ – ‘God of Brain’ The absolute knowledge of seers , scientists or saints. To which every messiah or  prophet tried their best to understand it by  offering  many names time-n-again.  These foolish people  never lusted or pampered  for  ‘ Laxmi’   - They only breathed and were hungry  to gain true ‘knowledge of wisdom’ The Saraswati Indeed,  who had manufactured money- The paper or plastic  ‘Laxmi’ . Otherwise in stone age where was she ?   – The absolute  enlightment is through ‘Saraswati’ – The Brain. Your ‘Absolute Brham’ all rest is ‘bhrm’ – ‘Veham’ – ‘Maya’- ‘Maya’


However, if you are enlighten You can self create your own religion of wisdom through you ‘Brain’ where you need no followers or festivals to support. No cultural competitions, advertisement or exhibition to  prove and expose yourself obeying or surrendering to  private  myths of  superstitions wasting exuberant wealth for useless satisfactions exhibiting all sort of  hairs-n-heads dress color and codes self certified or self claimed ‘heirs’ or off springs  of personal gods.


Where religion of hatred and harassment ends, Wisdom of  ‘worth’ begins. So next generation should find out their own God –God of Wisdom . God who is religion-less-n- region-less. God who have wings to fly and cross any borders regardless to region or religion . God in you who can merge-n-mingle every where. God in you who can selflessly love, care-n-share.   Ofcourse A neutral normal God is the need of the hour . This God is eager to  reside in you . You can trust this God  by reasoning power but cannot  be  thrusted by  nuclear or terror blowing innocent human and towers. Search this New-n-Novel God . Its within  all of you. A  ‘New Next Generation God who is acceptable in every Head-n-Head sustaining or supporting no ego but is sustained by ethics.  A total  true ‘God of Logics’ - ‘God of love’ – ‘God of care’ , ‘God who share’ - , God who bear’ , ‘God of sympathy’ , ‘God of empathy’ , ‘God who share happiness and knowledge’. Yes there is a goody-goody  God in every  soul that can give inner bliss. Search this  God of instinct who   love to celebrate-n-condole with poor un previloaged deprived souls. Explore this ‘New Novel God’. Search HIM  in your  deep root. It stay  hidden , invisible in your ‘head-n-heart’. Just try to find it.



Explore this   neutral complimentary God that has no religion barriers and stay far away to tolerate unlogical non sense and delusions of superstitions or blind myths of past. Try to come up from the delusion of Feng Shu and Tarot Card. Every Professional God seller. God is not a commodity who sell.  


True God – ‘Time God- the Brhm’ . (The Brhmand) who is merciless and cruel but still may allow or allot you some good relief and perks of happiness if HE feels you deserve so – But the grief  is dead sure you may stay or go. Finally  we all die once. Life-n-Time  is uncertain. So worship all of  them.  Even personal Gods  are no more in skin. No guarantee to be taken as granted. Life is uncertain and small for all, so lead it in the best of form ‘Truly’ without harassing, hating, harming and humiliating innocent beings.

The street smart Time God is merciless to tease and settle  old or new scores.  if  you possess  ego, proud , jealousy or harm others. He is the best to take care of it.

Best Mantra to follow your instinctual God  is ‘Live-n-Let live ‘All’ without  disturbing any good innocent beings or souls .  If you can’t tolerate other’s religion with a  broad smile , at least amicably  try for a small .


Kabir was fortunate with wisdom but not wealth. Vivekanand, Jesus carry persona  of wisdom  but had short lives. But aren’t they enlighten beings.  To reach God-n-understand God  – Health-Wealth-Happiness should not be bartered by fasting or offering perks to God. Blowing money , shouting hymns,  Dress color and codes all are for self certifications or satisfactions. God is-n-was never interested to come down and applaud  to grace  or favor , partial to any one religion.


In this Diwali - Give a light (if not enlight) thought to your wisdom-gift some  clothes, utensils, food, medicines, educational books or school fees  to needy would it be a better resolution than  burning Laxmi  in crackers bothering old and weak ears ? Would  not  hours of pampering  pujas, fasting , pilgrimaging , meditating , hymns , chanting may work exactly equal or run parallel to please your personal God  if  you succeed to make  one or some   poor handicap appear with a  momentary small smile?   


Should  this Diwali capable individuals  take an  oath to light and delight deaf-n-dumb, blind, handicap and deprived. Gifting such poor  souls   with novel essential gifts which can wipe out their tears-n-sorrows for a while. However if you can’t ‘care-n-cure –save-n-secure’   them permanently do atleast try to make them a laugh for a second.


Thank you to bear with me a roller coaster ride with my God –  ‘Waqt-e-Brhmand’.


By Naresh Sonee ‘Soham Sutra’



The writer of this  article is the author of Hindi book ‘Brahmand Pujan’ published in 1999.. Which time-n-again had have been praised by many prominent news papers of  India. The author has a wish to gift rights of this book ’ royalty free’  to Government of India. For  which he has  already appealed President of India time-n-again writing to   previous and present Governing Heads.


By writing the author’s name Naresh Sonee on any search engine one may come across his articles, news, poems covering many social issues on global subject attempted for  philanthropic purpose of welfare.







             (Command, Distribute, Gives, Takes)



                                                         GOOD –   BAD











































(Super Natural Divine Power)






Male – Female

Adam - Eve

Men   – Women







(God - Time –Destiny – Universe)

Are ONE Same



By Naresh Sonee ‘Sohum Sutra’ date October 18, 2006



However The original script on  TIME  was written and composed by the author  and published in 1993



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