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Spiritualism Scribbles 2






For acknowledging the  first way or  take  on my   ‘UNIVERSAL SPIRITUALISM’   or  to know why the  NEXT GENERATION – NEXT  AGE  is bound  to follow  my approach of  ‘Foolish - Spiritualism’ in near future or before end of this era is  also  a challenge  presently  for every religion on this earth. Yes I will offer you a non-mythological , non superstitions method to begin  with a ‘Logical-n-Ethical God or Human Spiritualism’ if you get convinced to my stake of thesis .


Certainly here I announce a mysterious but logical   CHALLENGE for the entire world no matter  S/he is a Messiah-or -Monks , A Seer-or-Scientist. Priest, Pundit or  Peer. I invite all  of them to solve  my puzzle  ‘RIDDLE of TIME’ and challenge to  wrong my founded thesis on ‘Spiritualism’


To begin with- Just ‘Click’ on the ‘navigator bar ’ on your  left side of your screen with your mouse –And after I complete this few paragraph here down the line .  Just  press the click  on ‘Riddle of Time’ . This draft has been picked up from  my childhood poetry scribbled-n- scripted  in Hindi  during  1975. The poem name was ‘Waqt’ –‘Time’ . This Hindi  poem of mine was updated in English in 1993 . I still hold the old pages or original script with me.


Meanwhile apart from this  ‘Riddle of Time’ which is the first part I am offering to begin here with you to understand my self style  way on  ‘Spiritualism of Universe’- where every religion is invited to  unite. After reading the same  any religious  follower can take my ‘Riddle of Time’ to their  Priest, Guru, Monk, Imam and ask them if I my stake is write or wrong. Yes I’ll now directly  take you on  to my peak of ‘Spiritualism’ which almost the total globe was unaware till I or one of you may declare reading from this site. I invite any one  to prove my thesis  wrong. So  I invite every one whomsoever is in this world concerned  . They be Sacred else Scientific Genius of any past or present or future time)


Here I plead if you get convinced after reading me. Give a thought of  paying or donating on this site. Certainly even a little  contribution of minimum ONE DOLLAR  or more of yours can help me to move in this global lots promoting my messages.  After reading me , your honorable can also  write me if you like to read the second part of ‘Universal Spiritualism .  However, all you’ll can do  as my  beloved readers can meanwhile encourage me to help dwelling   by the way of   paying ‘ my writer’s right’ or giving on my site even minimum donations which is likely to  further facilitate me to convert my wish into a constructive mission. If a reader decide not  to pamper or promote me just few wishes of ‘love mail’ will do from your end. But I request please don’t send me ‘hate mail’ .  Yes If you have any ‘Spiritual Question’ do come forward with one to mail me. I will please to reply as many. Maximum of  your “Spiritual Questions or Quest ”  I would reply in poems (instant scribbling). And if you don’t understand I will try to write and explain. One more thing I would like to disclose about me – Instant poetry scribbles in rhymes  on ‘Spiritual Science’ comes mysteriously and automatically.  I don’t have to put extra efforts to write poetry may they be in many or  pages. I can write non stop poetry  for hours. They do naturally come more easy than speaking  or normal writing.


So meanwhile, If you too as me believe to  ‘built-n-unite’  human kind for ‘peace-n-progress’ or uplift all  un privileged  man kind , so that many class or breed of people who are suffering in this  entire world - either born deaf-n-dumb, diseased or deprived, handicap or blind  or say  illiterate by matter of minds could get benefited . However our site could also get instrumental to help them - if  my beloved  readers’ bless me and wish . Your consent would  keep my ‘spirit’ in high  may be till the next breath or some more  if  ‘God’ permits. However ,  I can only   pray to God to bless you all showering good wisdom , health, wealth and  happiness.


in the interim, your contribution can  help me to shape-n-promote  this form of  mission. Could I succeed in attempting or fulfilling my mission of spreading this ‘Universal Spiritualism’ messages  during this span of life or it will get postpone or may not find any taker after my death - Only  God Knows.   Anyway coming again  to my subject indeed I want to declare ,  my spiritual enthusiasm or eagerness will  soon try to offer you the next part after this basic part on ‘Spiritualism – Riddle of Time’. However I have thousand of pages to convey  you more. But you see I can’t give kilos of tablets to you. Meanwhile ,  even you would agree  it should be  one at  a time. Though reading my small matter in few pages will consume  few minutes of yours but getting convinced or sorting out my  riddle can take some more days of yours.  However for some  understanding such quizy material instantly will be perhaps  difficult   while for so many the ‘capacity of  brain configuration will seek time to  accept or update or tolerate and  get convinced  all in one quick dose at once.  So lets not hurry for this ‘Universal Spiritualism’ . Finally  I promise I will deliver it  all in  quick few lessons of free ‘crash courses’,  Despite of the fact  that it took  me three decades to understand and write it in thousands of pages. Any mind well what I am  offering  you  here is the essence-n-extract  of  my thousands of pages.






Meanwhile I wish-n-need only a foolish like me one,

So that we two – 1 + 1 become ‘eleven’ – (11)

We as eleven would seek one more fool who is odd not even,

Who  get add in us and sound  ‘hundred and eleven’ - (111),


My foolish brain is in search …

So are there more foolish to sum along with  me ‘one’?

Who hate to harm-n-harass, torture-n-terror none?

Let we few fools try to ‘joint’ with weapons of pen not gun,

Try to rescue global depressed, deprived, deaf-n-dumb,

And challenge our cruel ‘Invisible Father’, who is ONE,

Who is disturbing every religion-n-region  daughters-n-sons,


Let us we jointly announce   to our ‘Undetectable Father’

That we are ‘Spiritually One’ to whom He instigates to do offence,

In the name of  regions-n-religions,

So many cultural wisdoms, so many visions,


We call this ‘Invisible by different names,

We  all prove it by all sort of religious claims,

Is He Jesus? Mohamed? Ram? Buddha? Mahaveer?

Does He reside in different Prophets, Messiahs, Saints-n-Seer?

Do he dwell in Priest, Pope, Pundits, Pir?

Do every religion truly care for other religions’ seer ?

Then why so hatred , jealousy , terror  deal ?


Come let’s know this ‘Invisible’ Who is boundless, ceaseless

Moves on and on,

To whom we call by various names

Allah, God, Bhagwan,

Let us investigate –Who is the actual DON?

Let us find out when this UNIVERSAL GOD  will die ?

Since when He lived ? When He was born?


To deal, with ….

We are still trying to realize see-n-feel,

Searching in Idols, Prayers, Hymns,

Cultural Ceremonies, Festivals , Traditions, Fast, Pilgrimages,

Then why the hell in the name of religion so much damages?


To be continued (October, 24, 2006 –Scribbled in between 1.05 pm to 2.40 pm)


Naresh Sonee ‘Soham Sutra’




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Name Of Our Religion


Where-n-while or say meanwhile there are enough  ‘Religions’ weighing this tired and old grown earth so there is no need to form ‘one more’ or  ‘next’  or  ‘another’ -  RELIGION. Though every religion message  is to spread-n-share ‘love-peace-progress-welfare’ uplift the under privileged people ( diseased else deprived ) but religions are doing more than that . And their side effects erupts and are visible  in a milder  or concentrated forms.


Envy, competing , canvassing or converting by the adopted amicable methods of promotions-n-propagandas to  tempt or influence individuals  from others’ religion  to join them is a milder sweet hidden desires of approach of every religion. However this  same practice can take a dangerous form.  Jealousy, hating, harming it by terror otherwise is the concentrated form  and already in to a disturbed danger zones.


If still ‘Free Followers or Caretakers’ of ‘Universal Spiritual United Community’ feels to make or register this New Age – Next Gen Religion  in the Globe sending a mark of presnce. ‘Register’ this religion by spreading   love for other innocent religion no matter who they are ? If you are invited , just  merge-n-mingle , enjoy with their feasts-n-festivals. If you can’t love their God or Religion just respect them with a broad or small plastic smile. 


However if at all you are still logically or sense fully  un convinced with their ceremonies or celebration styles to  joy or sorrow.  Never oppose or never  suggest them to stop. If any religion  tradition tell them to feast and eat torturing or  killing innocent animals. Don’t stop them. They are at their will and totally enjoys right from their religion. Till one religion  don’t kill or torture human everything is more than sane. They are not wrong to their traditional brains don’t try to update them but you can do to your self. You can make your ‘one man religion’  even if no body cares to follow you.


Don’t judge them . Let them judge their self. Try not to convince them that shedding blood of animals is wrong . if you too feel to taste them , you too eat till real spiritualism of logics and ethics enters you and say ‘no’ . The day you feel it is wrong , leave it. The day you fell it is right eat it. Taste buds are yours. Allow these tongue buds to taste anything or everything apart from human skin or addiction which are harmful  to kill you or other human.  Finally ask your instinctual sense - if eating innocent beings is right ? Kill them. If your carnivores instinct  feel so kill it , better then harming , killing or eating humans.


Real Spiritualism never hurts-n-kill   innocent beings. But it’s ready to kill in self or global  defense all harmful-n-poisonous or carnivorous beings.  As we can’t predict to God’s plan of programming so self defense of your body by any mean of yoga or martial art, ammunition etc is a part of ‘spiritual science’ which even monk-n-yogic practiced for ‘self defense’.


There is a crossing difference between ‘defense and offence’ . For instance - Killing  innocent  is a offence. Killing germ, viral, mosquito, cockroach, snake, animal or human who try to terror or harm you with animal instinct is a defense.  Real spiritualism try to save every innocent harmless being no matter if they are not made beautifully by the ‘creator  ‘God’ who is bound to destroy them or ‘we’


Real Spiritualism don’t come in mercy or merciless God’s ways and it’s programming . But find out rational  methods if God harass innocent beings through disease or disasters. You may call God by any name - Destiny, Nature, Universe, Time, Space, Super Natural Power etc . All are ‘One’ and same. They sent-n-pick all human God in skin.


Real Spiritualism never pampers or try to bribe Gods by offering festivals, feasts, fasts, flowers, fruits . They using secret method of silence ‘Meditation’ with thorough  ‘Dedication’  of understanding and talking with the Universal God  waying self awareness  to Cosmic Spiritualism.


Though there are secret-n-silence  ways of sense ful means-n-methods of offering Prayers and Hymns, Mantras through Meditations to the Universal  ‘ Mercyful Father of the Universe who may mercy but  get pampered to none. But still prayers of a real spirituals attracts and can influence  HIM the spiritualist selflessly practice  to safe guard interest of  innocent un privileged animals or man kind sent by none other than HIM.


Real Spiritualist never ask for self or selfish perks. Real Spiritualist never bribe or pamper God for self or personal gains. Though he can pray for his beloved family-n-friends welfare or progress. Real spiritualist know S/he is in hot list of God. Among few counted persons on earth as S/he is engaged into a practical mission of ‘Uniting the World’. Trying his level best available at his self resource. He might try to do.


Real Spiritualist never demand long age, wealth  but will thank God if the merciless God do mercy by not  extending death of pain-n-penance, disease or disaster  to which a emotional spiritualist brain can under go.

For instance :  No matter how poor or short aged Jesus , Swami Vivek Anand  lived . And what took  God to crucify Jesus, Ram to under go fourteen years banwas , Give cancer to Swami Parmahanse, Under go humiliation to Sai Baba or Sant Kabir who were under privileged and  poor ?  Still the world ask fortune-n-fame from them.



May the Practitioner Spiritualism is an unprivileged  handicap illiterate poor or a fortunate literate happy rich. Real Spiritualist try  to minimize and work sincerely to erase God promoted disease and disaster, depression of deprived beings. Whether God send them to save the world which He Selfly curse or this Good human beings who are later addressed as God care-n-cure, save-n-secure  beings will I address later in upcoming future chapters of spiritualism. In short one who try to save innocent and under prevailed beings from God curse or say human self designed curse can be refereed as Good Godly Being But cannot be called as Absolute God in Beings. God has His own plan of creation and destruction . Human God should have their own.  Every human being can become a small or big God by their thoughts and actions. We can all become human bombs od destruction or Human Gods of creations.




Real Spiritualist have no religion. But , S/he loves and respect every religion. Await patiently throughout own  life span and give time for rigid religion to come out and try to get update  from old carried forward or brought forward injected myths of superstitions which  have  ridiculous practices of all sort of meaningless , expensive, harmful  traditions. 


Real Spiritualism amicably look forwards so that any religion  get updated with sane sense of it’s own. However  embracing or updating with ‘no non sense’  but  ethical and logical  religion of reasons which work to unite every religion for sustaining or preserving the world to get promote toward peace-n-progress  for over all  innocent beings.


Real Spiritualism believes in making the world more beautiful and well balanced than before which can only be possible  by  approaching with better logical and ethical understanding. Loving , sharing, promoting or uplifting each other. Enjoying the world with sense and no nonsense.


Real Spiritualism believes in only enjoyment which harm-n-harass none. As God is enough to harass-n-harm all of us. We should not take His rights of spreading sorrow. He is the sole distributor of sorrow. We should only try to minimize or erase His given ‘sorrows’ and quietly enjoy and thank  HIM by heart if at all fortune-n-fame  comes to you by HIS leniency or ignorance or  mistake or otherwise  mercy (to which human call temporary luck to live-n-lead  uncertain or small life )


Real Spiritualism never believe in Ghost , Spirits, As the practitionor of real spiritualism has a ‘good or godly powerful spirit’ and no bad spirit (if at all are infinite ) can deter him or her. Spirit , Ghosts are manufactures in brains. And once the brain is dead no spirit or ghost stay. Have you ever seen a person in coma or dead dancing or jumping with hosts and spirit ? If any body on earth can send spirit in me and make me dance to his tune . I challenge all of them to send their spirit in bulk (infinite) on me. Let the world know that my spiritualism was over taken by them. And now dance to Ghost tunes. It is true paranormal brains exists but they are crossed interconnected cells or week influenced brains. They have no connection with ghosts-n-spirit.


Real Spiritualist never believes or is not at all interested to attain Moksha , Nirvana, Enlightment , Previous Birth, Next Birth or so . S/ he is already lighted and  enlighten with work of Gods which God actually ignore or curse on us. Real spiritualist  try to do like all universal good or godly ‘messiah or saviors’   attempted to do , save-n-share , uplift  mankind regardless to partiality of  own religion or innocent beings.


Real Spiritualism is not to run from your family responsibility for search or meet private through viraag or harassing or hurting your body. Brilliant  should avoid availing a delusive-n-hallucinated private licence of any so called religion who guarantee them to make their friendship with their private God.


Attending taking daily doses of  Discourses, Guru Mantras are good well enough if not professionally given in the pretext of supplying or delivering  mokasha, nirvanas  license through reciting and penance , dress color codes, stones etc. Assuring innocent-n-ignorant devotees giving a guarantee to meet private gods showing rays of colors and rings of delusive –n-hallucinated auras. Kundalini Jagran etc.


Real Spiritualist is not at all interest to see-n-feel-touch God in private idols of delusion posing in  human skin of illusive art and drawings . He know God is feeless, boundless, ceaseless, smell less, soundless, spaceless, timeless, invisible but still a ‘Supreme Super Natural Power which human can feel-n-touch-n-realize-n-meet every micro pulse they live.


Real Spiritualist believes not at all in myths and superstitions but can realize every magic of the world still is in hand of this ‘Deathless Beings- He is the main ‘Ghost-n-God’ above all  of us. One can say no ‘Ghost is bigger or powerful  then God’ – God- Himself is a biggest ghost of all time. No amount of infinite ghosts  on earth or universe is bigger then this ‘Only God’. If you believe in this God no amounts of spirits-n-ghosts can dare to touch you.


Real   Spiritualist  believes and surrenders to this big ‘Godly Ghost’ – ‘Deadly & Deathless’ of all time. But still exist immortal  ‘Liveless & Alive’ . Beings can feel this Ghosts in disasters and deprived. Beings and non beings that survives. Air and water when this God  supplies , Every breath-n-lives seems nice,  But when if this God  spread floods, draughts, cyclones, Tsunami to his choice .  Does  the same God the beautiful, savior nice-n-wise or still quite?


Real Spiritualism know God is ‘Invisible’ but  thoroughly understand and admit to feel HIS absolute show of logical strength and power. No  amount of planets or suns , galaxies of stars can control or command this  ‘Universal  God Mercyful or Merciless God’ This God controls every unit of cells sustained in this universe . No matter how strong that sun or planet is ?

Real Spiritualist try to harmonies this Cold-Hot-Wet-Dry- Emotionless God through his good thoughts and actions , trying on appealing this God to mercy on this small tiny emotionful earth where you have sent we human or all innocent beings for your false play and still we are undergoing such pains for no reason at all .


Real Spiritualism go on bothering ,asking or pleading God to stop all his nonsense play of irritating or torturing all beings  mentally or physically with his delusive ‘Maya Jaal’ shifting their small senseless souls that fuels the breath to undergo births after births which we all beings and non beings are undergoing since emotional pain sensing brain cells developed in we beings.


Real Spiritualism  question God without fear why and what He is up to ? And Who am I ? Why I have been temporary  sent for ? To kill or save ?  For  joy or sorrow ? Or actually what For ? Real  Spiritualist ask God why  I am sent for particular specific or certain  time   

In particular region , in particular religion ? What should be my final mission or goal ?

S/he ask God - Which religion God actually is wise-n-nice logical-n-right ? And if so why I was made to suffer or enjoy this particular out dated religion of self sacred old practice of superstitions and traditions ? And if I really want to stay-n-respect or surrender to you God ? Should  I embrace any outdated or updated religion where I can enjoy without undergoing or following religious pain-n-penance ? And if so Should I fast to death ? Leave my parental or children or spouse responsibility and search you with any private religious  torch ? And God why do you love to stay in old cloths and private walls ? Which religion God you actually admire from your heart ? And where you are doing partiality to stay with ? Please tell me God in which religion you reside tribal or semi tribal, Gita ? Koran ? or Bible ?  Should I respect all ? Or God you reside in none still stay large-n-tall separated from every religious walls ?


Naresh Sonee ‘Soham Sutra’ 

(Scribbled in between 11.30 am -1.30 pm  October 25 , 2006 )

To be edited yet for final prose to post




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