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Spiritual Scribbles 1




This is a ‘Spiritual Site’ which wish-n-invite,

Every world class religion-n-region to unite

For the sake of  global peace-progress-prosperity,

For the sake of  making world beautiful-n-pretty,

Where no downtrodden , deprive cry,

Where only love for innocence survive,

Where hatred of race-n-region get  burnt,

Where religions get updated and learnt,

And love to merge  under ‘One Religion’

Yes there should be ‘One Universal Religion’

Which should  be called ‘Single Human Religion’


Visiting this site is ‘Absolutely Free’ for All,

Here ‘The God is Universal’- is not  caged behind wall,

And after we deliver you these ‘Spiritual Goods’,

And we succeed to switch or convince your moods,

Thereafter , If your instinct say-n-feel  ‘pay’

‘Donate’ us to your self’s wish  or just leave for your way, 

But if you remember us , do return to this site on some other day,

Again study us , pay or  go without pay, Here knowledge  is totally free’

Read us more and more till you pluck  all fruits from this growing tree.

We will continue to give you updates if this site survives,

And please forgive us if  it lack  fund-n-fuel,  water-n-air  it  may  die.

But not this voice…….


Krishna, Mohammed , Tao,  Buddha, Mahaveer , Nanak  all died ,

Some died a natural death , Gandhi was  killed Jesus was crucified, 


Till  the Universal God wish our mission  will too survive,

But the voices of wisdom if stay of  worth will never die, 

Human heart  dies, human head dies

But if  voices are true and sane they ever  stay in sky,

And re- emerge as Ghost or God timeless they fly,



Certainly, This will become  the first website missionary on earth,

Which  will deliver goods  of ‘Spirituality’ may be ‘worse or worth’,

However, only  after you are convinced you can pay or freely leave, 

We will register or express no concern  of any  sort of sigh or heave. ( grief )

On the contrary we would rather be happy to just ‘thank you’ here

Must  ‘Universal God’  bless , promote-n-progress,  quickly rank you dear.


While you too  will agree-

‘Authors’ or ‘Thinkers’ cannot  breath on mere ‘water-n-air’,

Prophets-n-Messiahs had made ‘Religious Commandments’ to share,

But to survive  even they needed some fair fuel , food-n-fruits,  fun-n-fare,

So after this ‘author’ successfully deliver you  the goods , Can you just care ?

To pay his ‘knowledge sharing’  – ‘literary-amusements’  otherwise  ‘novel fees’?

So that the mission he  started reach it’s final  goal as  financially  he is not at ease,


Kindly if you can afford , Pay to the author just as his ‘ intellectual  right’,

Allow  him to earn a little  ‘commissions’ from his  ‘writings’ on this website,

Or let this ‘hopeful or hopeless’ site die a struggling death in coming seasons,

If at all the writer is spreading a wrong message which sum up in foolish reasons.


This is only a ‘appeal note’  from me as an author  to my beloved brilliant readers who hungers for knowledge and moreover constantly quest  for some thing new to read and update.



Readers kindly note- Presently , myself as an author or a single hand promoter-moderator  of this free site or this mission has a certain ‘hidden message’  for the entire world . I confess to you all , Though I am  not at all a  seer or scientist. But  just a common under privileged citizen of this globe . Anticipatory I  admit and apology, I’m even not well versed with English language or it’s efficient grammar.  I again confess I’m not so well  educated (graduated ) like almost all of you.  But should language or grammar become a bar ?


Acquainting you a  bit about me – I’m from India , however myself am  mere  a college drop out during 1979 .  So ‘Genius Literary Community’ must  forgive me before hand  if  grammatically I spell   wrong .  I have no tutor on me to teach this globally accepted popular  language . It’s really interesting to try  other language. Only enthusiasm love or honor for other languages can  make it possible. But it’s difficult to write-n-speak other language. You can try mine.


Meanwhile there is no helper , type or editor  to sit  and assist  me on my  outdated pc or obsolete obscure thoughts. This  website I had tried to design myself with free tripod ‘help tools’. Otherwise which could not had been possible if  I was made to make  this website by paying  any professional web designer’s fees. Anyway my mother told determination or enthusiasm can prove many things. Acquainting you here I  anyhow some how managed  to do this website  as I have said tripod had made technically totally friendly and free. Meanwhile I  also selfly some how managed to complete this site  as  my practical experiences or enthusiasms  of  learn many sort of things  helped me here as instinctive inspirations. May it be  manufacturing or  producing  quantity of -watches, artifacts, gift articles. May it be designing on coral or  creative arts, advertising , sales managements etc. I know  and tried the tricks of all. I must had  manufactured infinite small creative  things in lakhs of quantity,  but had stick to none due to destined program of God.


I will never say I have struggled a lot like many poverty stricken in India, But I underwent a lot of  hurdles and still facing Lord  dues. My parental family and five sibling sisters to look upon took  maximum of my time  on adjusting my career. Right from my early age which on other side kept me quite busy to look after them which made me un educated or say non graduate till today. I have to leave my studies for many factors. There are thousands of pages to add here as  my biography adding my teary or tiring journey since my birth  right from  1958  to date . But  this will all be quite   boring for all of you. As no one is here on this site to waste their precious time to  read  bull shit complains, sorrows and grief  which I have journeyed all through till this very junction. Traveling till here  I like to take some breath ,rest a bit , may decide to choose a path only  if Lord allows or wishes me to do so . We as human fail to understand God  programming . Have he destined or we destine all . I would try to put my stand later.


As I have said I’m not here to offer my ‘memoir  of grief’ decorating  and packing with all emotional get ups.  Neither I’m expecting a empathetic nod to  consider me. The point which I’m eager or say desperate to emphasize  here  is  that I have found a new way of ‘Spiritualism’ Which you can also say realization through self. Experiences. This which I feel  may benefit  so many in the  world . My own realized meditations had and are still helped me a lot  to undergo or face a self learning process in all of my personal and  professional activities. Learning English also becomes a part of my spiritualism as learning other language selflessly  is a part of  on going  meditations. Mediating for ‘self gains’ or attempting to learn for  others  both have different values. I chose this universal language  valuing with later .  But you see family-n-friends call me juggler ‘Jack’  but  I stay master of none. So why still I stay handicap of  education  I don’t know.  Even fun-n-fund are not ready to make friendship with me.  I don’t know why ?

I try to love them they try to leave me.


When friends of  mine had their leisure time in  female bars, gambling, gaming , drinking enjoying friends, films and recreations to move out of their work loads or stress . I wrote or still enjoy  writing  poetry scribbles for 12 to 18  hours. I’m a chronic scribbler addicted to write rhymes. I don’t leave even a chit of paper napkins. May they be prewritten or posted   newspapers, chits, envelops .My ugly writings covers and scribble all.s


Since I was eleven  or still to date , during night all of a sudden I jump out  of my bed to write all shits of God. Poetring  on  my kind of  unphilosophical thoughts debating with my hopeless and merciless God for  hours must have consumed more than four decades of mine. Will God a lot me next  breath I don’t know  His  intentions. But I quietly know one thing about me - if  hadn’t wasted my time in scribbling  Him. I  could have made me king-  Bill Gates or Bill Clinton and also had an affairs like him . However I still don’t understand why my spouse never gave me divorce yet to be a chronic scribbler or loaner of night. I don’t  know why she still love me. My family and son  feel I’m a mysterious man. Though in my scribble I   hate God but they  don’t know why I’m again compromising with Him. Is this a love for Him ? or Is it out of fear , or he is actually dear  to me. You will be informed later.


So at last I have decided to keep my self in your witness box. Meanwhile, you readers are best to judge- vote  or analyze  me   and  better if you’ll label me as a full time  crack. I ‘ll accept and surrender giving a broad smile. Meanwhile I don’t need certificate or license from private religion, whether I’m religious or an atheist.  I want certificate from human of the universe.



And moreover to add here once again still I also don’t understand why I’m not grammatically perfect in any language though myself  had hve been scribbling such thoughts  since the age of eleven. May be I never tried to learn these great  languages. But to torture them with my Godly urgent scribbles as I had no option  of other time pass . Why my fingers struggles to scribble . If not my 10 fingers, but my backbone is questioning and complaining me since many decades. I refuse to listen none. No ears, No, nose, no brain had yet succeeded to influence my fingers. May be I never thought in life the struggling encounters which I was doing with my own  ‘found God’  were  actually the  ‘insights’  or self brained  thoughts which he may be mysteriously extracting out of me through writing might be to offer the world. 


All my quick ugly hand writing scribbles which some time If I read again even I fail to  understand.  So to my dear readers I apologies in advance. Meantime  I  kindly request you to please don’t concentrate on my writing  finishing or touch ups or my ‘grammar’ but extract from its the reasons  of your  ‘goods’.

Don’t watch my comma, fullstop . In real talking we use none of them.  And only  judge your self if my writing carry some ‘ substance’.  Are these writing  nurture your with   artificial  flavor ‘essence’ or  built you spiritually with genuine Godly  ‘nectar’  which I am going to deliver you here. Th  ‘matter’ matter  the most . Yes certainly , I’m going to disclose something ‘crucial-n-significant’ to  you . The ‘substance’ which I am going to expose here is totally ‘Free’. This can channalize and even likely to change  many minds  may he be prince or pauper. My message is  very  serious moreover  mysterious  for every spiritualist or scientist , religious or rationalist .


This will explain you why-n-where spirituals  and religions collide ? According to my thesis Real Spirituals are not at all religious. But you can say real  scientists  in all  their  factsa are   spirituals. Finding or even a try to search  or realize  God without religious techno or mechanisms ,without methods of mythology  is a way toward ‘spiritualism’. Real spiritualist  try to find

God with every senses  but never get influenced with man made religions or their artifacts with whom they play as toys.


Jesus, Buddha, Sai , Mahaveer, Tao came out from their previous religion to search or realize God.

They knew through science of meditation or self realization they can understand God much faster then their parents and relatives or society.


Though all well known scientist  of  past or present

Do not   believe in  private Gods but were they , or are  they not  searching  real God . The comforts, gizmos, devices, big or small which they provided you to give you comforts-n-luxury? Will you prefer to love God without them ? Today human can live without religion but can human live without science (comforts-n-luxury) ?


Do  ‘Universal   Spirituals’  stay out of religion ? Why ‘Universal Spiritualist’ collide  with the materialistic   world of different cults ?

Did Jesus, Mohmed , Buddha, Mahaveer, Sai Baba  first came out from their parental cults to understand God-Allah-Ishwar who had no religion? Were they all meditating through logics or religion ? I will come out later.



Meanwhile  this is only my desperate attempt -n-efforts  to propose-n-propagate this message through this internet  mode.  Because  God can  pick me up any moment  all of a sudden  or uncertain. So before He pull me up , I pre assume He or also me  wishes  to offer His  thesis on ‘Spirituality’ to  mankind. Here professionally I need no advance from you. If so I would had searched a publisher. I have told I’m not a writer , But you can say me a thinker. A scribbler.


Mere I or my God desire to offer you A new  found or formed formula which I practiced for myself and was benefited to make ‘solace’ and ‘harmony’  with the Universe. I’m always  in a mood to understand or encounter Him. My  self found formula on ‘Spiritual Meditation’ without help of any religion I want to disclose you free. Certainly this  is a self mystery by itself apart this  novel form of  meditation which I’m practicing since more then two decades back which I believe could  benefit the global mass to over come their tensions, stress, grief , sorrow, pain, trauma. My belated mother  Raj Ramnee Soni used to tell me before dying ,’Don’t  ever die without distribution your thoughts to the globe for mass welfare. These are not yours.You are only instrument of God. Regarding your complaint of tortures which He is giving you. Unless He torture you – You can’t come out with them on luxurious bed. You are destined to have such thoughts’.



You can say this is not a religious meditation or spiritualism  but absolutely rational way of meditation and spiritualism which has no superstitions and mythology interference. Nor you require to follow any traditional  or tribal methods of  ceremonies , fasts , feasts, and festivals . While many may accept it as a complimentary or supplementary  or just main ‘ Human Science of Spiritualism ’ or say Common Universal Sense of Spiritualism’ . Yes you can say and consider it  as  a one-n-only of its kind which I like to introduce  as ‘Universal Spiritualism’ which will not only help to over come all your difficulties distressing you  but also help to unite the world.  However  my ‘spiritual appeal ’ to ‘every religion-n-region’  of the world stay important here.


Well, I quietly agree  I am not here to win any  literary award. I know and I confess I not at all  fit there. Neither I am saying ‘I know the God’ better than any  religion. This is only a cross check to judge each other stake. You can accept my say or just reject it  and go your way. There is nothing you loose. Every offer here is free.  My thesis on ‘Universal Spirituality’ which are so far must have crossed  thousands of poetic pages stay still unrevealed by me. Those are piled up in rot selves layered up with  dust-n-termites. So please find at least a little time loosely to read me if by mistake or accidentally you have jumped on this site 


Well, meanwhile on this home page I do not intent you to bore out with my life span either  minutely  details of self composed biography to bring out tears-n-fears out of you to justify and  mercy  me and give a thought on this  deal . My exposure of  ‘color full photos to pose and post ’ else   ‘personal  shaded memoirs’ or  ‘ trophy or testimony’ of my past achievements-n-experiences  least matter the world.


Jesus , Kabir , Sai Baba , Ram . Mohammed , Mahaveer, Buddha , Tao  all inspires me. They were not at all greedy for fame-n-fortune . Their message ( thoughts and acts )  were  crucial for them not photos or monuments.  I heartily regard and love every one and many like them but hate to surrender or  follow any religion of herd. My own writing and struggle of life did not lend me time to read other works may they sriptures,poetries or novel. Other then reading 10-15 minute of news paper , My schedule never allowed me leisure readings. But of course scribbling thoughts interested me to destess or stress me more when I repeatedly argued to my scribbled self poeted thoughts. This comes out of  insights   or intentions by my brain I still fail to anylize. This is a mystery.  Logics and own sense of ethics stay more important to me than  any form of  rigid  religion who still breath on old mythology and superstitions. One part of religiously right mind fear and try to bear them , but the other  part  of my devil mind refuse to care them . I like to love All  Godly Good Gods  for their ethics , principals, services they rendered  to human kind sacrificing their lives. . But I just subtract all  superstitions as abstract when  mythology try to rule or influence my mind .


God make people , People make Gods,  Pauper God like Jesus , Prince God like Rajneesh. We are the people who make Gods. We are the people certify them as seers-n-saints.  Gods  and saints loose their  value if they travel outside their religious  boundaries , walls of cult-n-cultural games . We are the people who manufacture private  Gods. If  all devotees of any specific religion  dies There will stay no God. Such all Gods live only in private walls of every religion. So the point is - where stay the actual God ? who is mightier then all gods ? I  have un earthed that GOD . And I will  expose that cruel ‘Wanted God’. You too try to hold him but before that  catch Him if you can.



I would love to  read or have a glimpse  on ancient ways that  prevailed  to cover mythologies  of Gods . Apparently those  were the ‘true-n-real’  magical days unlike  Harry Potters of today. I would love to  read or get information  on  who were the actual  paparazzi  or media persons or copy writers existing in those old golden magical days which appeared   2-3 thousand years back. And who was the writer or media person who  covered each-n-every minute  details of particular private Gods whom they  further revealed and news with all sort    minutely information with details.,

Good Godly mythological   activities are exposed on every sacred texts. Were these paparazzi  traveling or running remotely with them to cover-n-conquer every details ? So where did they loo? Should  not one shrine come there too ?


Religion text claim to have each-n-every details of their God and their God is indeed  well power ful  to miraculously cure  all. Then why so misery or gloom still prevail ? Is there not a single  private God who can come out –shout and announce that what the world is up to ? Fighting for   petty matters just for my sake ,  comparing or competing religions ? And can a God come out and shout  that He happens  to be the happening God of all time . A never dying hero of all time.


More over declare openly to media persons - He is  the only  ‘One-n-Only God’ strongest and mightier GOD then rest of all gods – if  He wish  to update , meanwhile He can also use power of media  today which were not  there in His own time. He did not even had tube light to light his dark days.


So still if  every religion believes that they are serving to up lift man kind, all gloomed  or grief   world –hence why not all unite under one umbrella? Let us make a shrine where every GOD of all  religion shine . Let there stay all  pictures and artifacts of Gods standing in sequence of curve hugging each other.


When world is sharing or using  each other languages , costumes, products , cuisine , technologies, Now why not taste and share each other religion ?


I like to love all religious GODS  unconditionally as do I do to  my beloved mother and father . God

can make my dead father, mother, spouse, brothers, sister , child or any of my beloved to take birth in other’s religion so should  I hate them ?


I will not like to  hate my parents or guardians or teachers because  they teach me ethics but they lack  miracle. ‘High Moral’  is important not  ‘High Miracle’ . Only ‘Ethics’ will succeed to conquer wisdom , enlightment or spiritualism. So any good ethical logical  teaching will keep on influencing me no matter  from which  microscopic religion it comes . ‘Sane Ethics’  of any or every religion which  travel with  updated times will certainly influence me.


Jesus , Sai Baba , Gandhi , Mother Teresa , Kabir  and many such  un wealthy poor  fellows were indeed  godly or goodly rich in their wisdom full worthy deeds. They  should be  loved mainly or merely due to their mankind deeds and we should  follow them blindly. But religious care takers know  our problems . we devotes will never follow unless these God show some miracles.


‘Miracles and Mythology’   are  complimentary and supplementary but stand mandatory in every religion. Unless you make it  look better then Harry P otter. Who care to watch .  These two ‘M’  enjoys  a principal hold to keep a rigid religion strong and enact that no body could dares to touch their electrified or spiked fenced boundaries or  walls. These two ‘M’s  adds and  enrich the sacred texts or temples  and keep a hold on all herd. Religion  sell their ethical deals and make a superstitious follower out of you . Yes a follower can be stupid but religion are not there to fool. - no . They rightly know what they are up to . Flavors of these couple of ‘M’ is important and without introducing them in package , no deal will come true ( through) .


One should   omit these two ‘M’ and try to underline the  better part rich in every religion or their scriptures and extract the ethical part  out of them. As I have said only because of self mythology and superstitions every religion  had succeeded so far to keep the law of religions alive through human psychology even when human of  today is moving  in a jet speed of  superior  advances of technologies which poor Gods never enjoyed in their slow days . Small oil lamps were enough to move their enlightments even when  in their times Thomas Edison was not there to light their streets and homes in powerful brightness.


I will to come to my point - If  praying and pampering God was so powerful till date , today 90 %

of  the world  which still run under poverty line and God spelt or cursed disease hadn’t died out of  since private Gods took over.  If any personal God has the power to eliminate disease or poverty . he could had done till know. He should had grow broken limbs and make dead people alive. He could had erased deaf-n-dumb, blurred-n-blind completely. And if any religion could had achieved to do this finally the world  would had been different. However , Any one single private God till date should had succeed to influence the world in whole to adopt His religion. And religion need not perspire like  insurance agent visiting door to door propaganding  their stakes in God or gods.


Science has succeeded  to en light , erased or curb many disease like small pox, chicken pox, polio, leprosy etc which religion has not succeeded so far. Ultimately every religion which took in  dark days (ages)  today cannot do without taking support from science . may it be  light , luxury or cure Religion today is limbless without  science.  Today science has come to term that it can live without religion , But can any religion live without help of science ? Imagine deity or devotees without  halogen lights, Pope or saint in bullet proof  stage giving discourses to his devotees with loudspeaker , media, press, channels and mike. No power oriented luxury car, cells, planes,  showers, coolers , heaters ,  micro oven , fans to luxury. No medicines, x rays,  operations and surgeries. Can any Pope - Saint live without them?


Posing in dress codes , discourses on deities  to private devotees on mythology is one thing. But can they prove that this mythology and superstitions still prevail. What science says . it prove . But what religion  mythology says –can any body come forward and prove ? Real Spiritualism is also a science which I will disclose here. God is there but not in old skin. As we have become updated so is he. So let us understand that God. Let us pray to that God. Let us find spiritual-n-scientific  connections with that God.


Here I would take you to  a mystical  ‘Science of Logical Spiritualism’ . As Fire, Fragrance, Sound, Light , Darkness , Air, Voice , Pain , Joy , Sorrow , you can feel . As eye doesn’t  touch any objects still you can see or visualize. In the same way I will  prove it that ‘One Mystical And Spiritual God is there. Which we all  miss to see it  because  out of  total innocence or  ignorance  in which followers are forced to stay as herd. Hadn’t  All God deserted their  parental religion . They too had followed like herd behind  their ancestors. 


To become like ‘THEM’  we have to choose a direct path to God without any agents.  All great well renowned original Prophets & Messengers of their times were the real Heroes. They choose to  understand or realize their  Real Universal GOD by Self  introspection analyzing or realizing selfly . They never followed any parental religion. God should not be wrapped and sold in different packages of religions. They must have understood than and so they must have deserted or chosen their ways. Rest all are self assumption or calculative religious approach  to group up as religion.

Every private or regional God  has seen hard and low of life. None could escape experience of birth , life and death. No body was Bill Gate  and most of the Gods of this tiny earth though were wisdomly wealth full , but actually remained treasure less . But  you can’t say they were spiritually un enlighten.


Fame-n-Fortune  has nothing to do with ‘Mystical  Spiritualism’.  Prince Charles , Laxmi Mittal  Brad Pitt or  Paris Hilton must  be lucky to have enough materialistic wealth but may be lacking  mystical spiritual wealth . 


A poor hard working  maid , nurse or a farmer  may be working 12 hours ( all 30 days)   to earn-n-survive  a bit that a slut  or his pimp may be  earning  in less then 12  minutes .  Here neither sluts are wrong  nor  maids or nurse . It is the demand of act or art  which is paying them. 

Many of my jumping quiz and quotes of examples you will found may have  or have  no connection at all but later this roller coast ride will substantially.


If I happen  to  Probably those  may be useless here to utter and can also consume your precious time.   ‘Who am I ? What I do’ will not help you  or me  here ?  But - What I intent to offer you here- Does that  stay important to most might be your curiosity or question now ? Yes I understand it and so I’ll be quick .


Till the passing phase of my past-or -present ,  I may had  under went or still may be facing un certainties  misfortune ahead- but perhaps I had faced less pain then Jesus or  Ram so that keep my spirit to perform. Indeed , Certainly ‘Their’ efforts  inspires a  common or a foolish  or a hopeless man like me. My hurdles of  experiences,  failures ‘unfortunately or fortunately’  belongs to none other than ‘only’  me.  Whether a goat enjoys a right to live on  grass  or the lion reserve  right to feed  out of  harmless goat is inclined to curious every spiritual mind? Apparently - All stay in Destiny’s wish of  programming His universe.


‘God is Destiny ? He mercy or is merciless ?  This site will reveal  without taking a bit out of you except your valuable time. Just stick to me if you have come till here. If at all I’m  person of your interest , You will finalize in next fifteen minutes.


However i  try my best  to convince you and if at all I fail to do so  . At least  I’ll try to confuse or amuse you a bit in this free trial deal . Just keep me reading patiently, And  let  you  see what I do ? Reading me in between lines will off track and fuse you. So follow me one after my every word slowly and coolly to …. ‘UNIVERSAL SPIRITUALISM’  on  next chapter


Spiritual Scribble part 2


And once again if you are tired and decide to leave this site to come back again . Feel free . This is your Spiritual site . You are the one who have power to convert  this  site  into worh full or worthless site. And  if  you too want the world to abide ‘Universal Spiritual’. Forward this site to your family-n-friends . My spiritual  world have no  ends. I need you friend. Save this page with you so this will keep you to track me. But before you leave me here. Meanwhile  if you feel you can gift your blessing by paying to my tired fingers. I sit alone long hours typing for you day and night . Only with a wish that it is only ‘You’ first  to change your world . I can only guide and suggest you.


To keep my site ‘alive’ if your instinct feels -just pay or donate to this particular page if  some what it had convinced or amused you. Even your minimum amount of payments on every page read by you would encourage me to write more. ‘True Knowledge’ is not weighted as ‘rusted iron’ but every word is valued as precious diamond. Sometime thousands pages of sacred  scriptures are can’t change you compared to couple of pages which can turn your life. True wisdom  do not weight or wait but give you a worthy  way.

Thank you . Please return to this site when ever you feel free  . You are most welcome here .


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